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Company Name: The McLemore Club
Location: Rising Fawn, GA
Experience Desired: open
Min. Education Desired: open
Manage Others: No
Salary: 12.00 per hour
Job Title: Dishwashers
Industry: Restaurant & Food Service
Job Type: Full-Time
Job ID #:
Date Posted: 4/1/2021
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The McLemore is a mountain-top resort community featuring an 18 hole course designed through the collaboration of Rees Jones & Bill Bergin and surrounded by tens of thousands of acres of parks and protected lands atop scenic and historic Lookout Mountain, GA. Surrounded on all sides by state and national parks, historic land districts and private land trusts, the resort features an 18-hole Rees Jones and Bill Bergin championship course, a gated residential community and a planned clubhouse, hotel and conference center.

Clean and clear the tables, work stations, and overall kitchen area by maintaining a high standard of sanitation and cleanliness.


  • Gathers all dirty dishware from tubs brought to the dish room, rinses and stacks in dish racks, always clearing dishes of leftovers and trash to prepare for automated washing.
  • Load full dish racks on belt and ensures correct placement in accordance to the instructions for the operation of the machine. Operate an automatic dish wash machine by using controls as instructed.
  • Load dishwashing solutions into automatic dispensers and regulates the output of detergents and chemicals to the dishwashing machine by monitoring and adjusting controls.
  • Unload clean dishes from racks after being processed through dish machine, inspects for cleanliness and carefully stacks in specified carts and shelves for the easy use by restaurant and kitchen staff.
  • Manually scrub pots, pans and other kitchen equipment that cannot be washed automatically, using detergents, scourers, and special solutions as required. Inspects for cleanliness, manually dries with hand towels, and puts away in correct places.
  • Manually polish all silver, stainless steel and pewter used in food service, using standard polishing cloth and products, to present clean and attractive equipment to diners.
  • Maintain the automatic dishwashing equipment in good condition and working order in accordance with manufacturers' instructions to prolong the life of the equipment, prevent breakdowns and to meet mandated health compliance regulations.
  • Always keep the dish room in clean and orderly condition by sweeping, mopping, emptying trash, wiping counters and equipment and organizing shelves in order to maintain a sanitary work station and to meet mandated health compliance requirements.
  • Mop kitchen floors as requested and at end of each shift, cleans all kitchen work surfaces as regularly scheduled by manager including walls, ceilings, hoods, vents and ovens.
  • Gather all trash cans from kitchen work areas at end of each shift and empties into outside trash compactor.
  • Sweep loading dock and kitchen entrance areas, clearing litter and debris to trash bins, for the safety of associates and purveyors.
  • Maintain associate break room and restrooms by sweeping, mopping, cleaning counters and refilling supplies daily.
  • Performs other duties as assigned, requested or deemed necessary by management.


Education: Some High school education or equivalent experience.

Experience: Previous experience preferred.

Skills and Abilities: Must have vision ability to see minute objects at arm’s length, to read meters and controls. Must have finger, hand and upper body dexterity to grasp dishes, push, pull, carry and lift racks, carts, and large trash bins. Must be able to understand and follow written or verbal instruction or instruction by example. Have the ability to keep breakage to a minimum by handling china, glassware and fragile equipment with care.

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